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Electrostatics for A level






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Course Outline
    • Introduction to Electrostatics
    • Charging by Friction
    • Distribution of Charge
    • Pointed conductors: Corona discharge
    • Van de Graff Generator
    • Lightening Conductor
    • Applications of Electrostatics and problem solving
What you will learn?

    State the definition of Electrostatics and the law of electrostatics

    • Explain charging by friction
    • Describe the nature of charges in conductors and insulators
    • Explain charging by induction
    • Investigate the distribution of charge on a conductor and inside a hollow metal conductor
    • Explain corona discharge
    • Describe the structure and principle of operation of a Van de Graff Generator
    • Explain the principle of operation of a lightning conductor
    • Explain Equipotential Surfaces
    • Describe and explain applications of electrostatics and work out any problems involved.

    Notebook, and Pen

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Opolot Elly is a professional physics/mathematics teacher fully registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports . He matriculated to Kyambogo University and pursued a Bachelors of Science with Education in physics and mathematics for academic year 2013-2016. He has taught physics/mathematics for now four years plus. While at University, He was the Speaker and finally the Chair person for the Mathematics Society of Kyambogo University. He has been the Head of Department physics/mathematics, the welfare master, the patron scavenger entertainment club and also a class teacher at Kasenge Green hill Secondary School Wakiso for two years. Currently he teaches at Ourlady consolata Secondary School Kireka and St Catherine SS Nabbingo. Now also your Instructor in Physics at Learnesa.