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Working with Integers


Mr. Musaazi Godfrey




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Course Outline
    1. Introduction
    2. Natural Numbers
    3. Differentiating between natural numbers and whole numbers/integers
    4. Use Integers in Real-life Situations
    5. Addition and subtraction of integers
    6. Multiplication and division of integers
    7. Identify Even, Odd, Prime and Composite Numbers
    8. Find the Prime Factors of any Number
    9. Relate Common Factors with HCF and Multiples with LCM
    10. Work Out and Use Divisibility Tests of Some Numbers
    11. Least Common Multiple (LCM)
What you will learn?

    By the end of this topic, you should be able to carry out calculations with positive and negative integers by:

    • identifying, reading and writing natural numbers as numerals and
      words in million, billion and trillion.
    • differentiating between natural numbers and whole numbers/integers.
    • identifying directed numbers.
    • using directed numbers (limited to integers) in real-life situations.
    • using the hierarchy of operations to carry out the
      four mathematical operations on integers.
    • identifying even, odd, prime and composite numbers.
    • finding the prime factorisation of any number.
    • relating common factors with HCF and multiples with LCM.
    • working out and use divisibility tests of some numbers.
    • Notebook and pen, calculator
About the instructor
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Mr. Musaazi Godfrey
Data Analyst, Web Apps Developer, and Teacher. Godfrey has worked in the Education sector for 6 years+, training different levels of users in Computer skills.