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Course Outline
    1. Introduction to databases:
      • What are databases?
      • Database management systems(DBMS)
      • Advantages of DBMS
      • Disadvantages of DBMS
      • Database objects
    2. Introduction to Ms. Access:
      • Starting Ms. Access 2016
      • Creating and saving a database
      • Opening an existing database
      • Closing a database and exiting access
    3. Working with tables:
      • Common terms
      • Creating a table
      • Designing a table
      • Entering records
      • Modify a table
      • Sorting and filtering
      • Freezing
      • Computations
      • Field properties
      • Importing data
    4. Working with forms
      • Creating a form
      • Form views
      • Modifying a form
      • create a form by using the design view
      • Inserting records into a table by using a form
      • Calculated Field in Form
      • Headers and Footers
    5. Working with Queries:
      • Creating a query
      • Retrieve single/multiple columns
      • Query Operators
      • Applying criteria
      • Creating a calculated field
      • Other sorting criteria in queries
    6. Relationships:
      • Types of relationships
      • Foreign key
      • Creating a query that uses more than one table
    7. Working with Reports:
      • Creating a report
      • Modifying a report
      • Report views
      • Grouping in reports
    8. Printing
What you will learn?
    • Understand databases and their uses
    • Understand terms used in database design
    • Understand the features of a database
    • Design databases; use features of a database development software (Ms. Access), demonstrate skills in designing and developing a database

    A working computer with Ms. Office package installed

About the instructor
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Mr. Musaazi Godfrey
Data Analyst, Web Apps Developer, and Teacher. Godfrey has worked in the Education sector for 6 years+, training different levels of users in Computer skills.