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Atomic and nuclear physics part 1


Mr. William Ahebwa




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Course Outline
    1. Electronic devices:
      • C.R.O.
      • Applications of a C.R.O.
      • Comparison with moving coil instruments.
      • Numerical problems.
    2. Charged particles:
      • Discharge tube phenomena.
      • Cathode rays production.
      • Cathode rays properties.
      • Positive rays.
      • Motion of cathode rays and ion beams in electric and magnetic field.
      • Specific charge.
      • Thomson’s experiment.
      • Mass spectrometer (Bainbridge).
      • Millikan’s oil drop experiment.
      • The mole, Avogadro’s number and Faraday’s constant.
      • Numerical problems.
What you will learn?
    You will be able to;
  • Describe the discharge tube phenomena and production of cathode & positive rays.
  • tate the properties of cathode and positive rays.
  • Explain qualitatively and quantitatively how electrons and ion beams are deflected in electric and magnetic fields.
  • Describe Thomson’s experiment, Oil drop experiment and operation of mass spectrometer.
  • Solve numerical problems related to charged particles.
  • Exercise book and a pen.
  • Scientific Calculator.
  • Mathematical set.
  • If possible
  • C.R.O.
  • C.R.T screen/TV.
  • Bar magnets
About the instructor
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Mr. William Ahebwa
I am a graduate physics and mathematics teacher.