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Senior1   Course

Files and Folders Management


Mr. Musaazi Godfrey


Computer Studies


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6 lessons


Course Outline
    1. Introduction
    2. Files and Folders
    3. Organising Files
    4. Managing Files and Folders
    5. Storage media
      • Primary storage; RAM, ROM
      • Secondary storage; Magnetic storage, Optical storage, and Flash storage
    6. Storage capacity
What you will learn?
    By end of this topic, you will be able to:

    • Create and manage files and folders.
    • Identify different files
    • use the different types of storage media to create, save and transfer files.
    • convert data storage into various units.

    Working computer

    • At least one storage media (flash disk, memory card, CD/DVD, Hard disk, etc)
About the instructor
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Mr. Musaazi Godfrey
Data Analyst, Web Apps Developer, and Teacher. Godfrey has worked in the Education sector for 6 years+, training different levels of users in Computer skills.