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Forbidden Acts in Islam


Mr. Kiddu Jamil




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Course Outline
    1. Introduction to Forbidden Acts
    2. Drug abuse:
      • Introduction to Drugs abuse
      • Kind of drug abuse
      • Islamic teaching on Drug abuse
      • Why drug abuse is considered bad deed / effects of Drugs
    3. Sexual Abuse:
      • Introduction to sexual abuse
      • Kinds of Sexual abuse
      • Cause of Sexual Abuse
      • Dangers of Sexual abuse
      • Solution to sexual Abuse
    4. Fornication and adultery:
      • Introduction to Fornication and adultery
      • Islamic Teaching about Fornication And adultery
      • Why Zinna Prohited In Islam
      • Causes of Zinna in The society
      • How can Fornication and adultery be eliminated in the Society
      • Measures taken by Islam to prevent Fornication and adultery
What you will learn?

    Understand the Islamic teaching about Drug abuse.

    • Identify the kinds of drugs in our society
    • Explain why drugs are not allowed in Islam
    • Explain the cause of sexual abuse
    • Understand the Islamic teaching on fornication and adultery
    • Explain how fornication and adultery can be prevented in society

    A book and pen

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Mr. Kiddu Jamil
I am by Name Kiddu Jamil Jama A Teacher of both Arabic and IRE I am a teacher at Kisaasi College School and Hana Interational School I loved Movies Fun of Football A Manchester United Die hard