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Course Outline
    1. Introduction to Optics
      • Definition of light
      • Rays and beams
    2. Reflection of light
      • Types of reflection
      • Laws of reflection
      • Deviation of light
      • Reflection in Plane mirrors
      • Reflection in Concave mirrors
      • Reflection in Convex mirrors
      • Linear magnification
    3. Refraction of light
      • Definition and explanation
      • Laws of refraction
      • Relationship between n and sini
      • Displacement of light rays
      • Refractive index
      • Total internal reflection
    4. Refraction in a glass prism
      • Terms used in prisms
      • Deviation by a prism
      • Minimum Deviation by a prism
      • Glazing property of light rays
      • Dispersion of light
      • The spectrometer
    5. Refraction through lenses
      • Types of lenses
      • Terms used in lenses
      • Converging lenses
      • Diverging lenses
      • Power of a lens
      • Linear magnification
      • Determination of focal length
      • Defects in lenses
    6. Optical instruments
      • Terms used
      • Simple microscope
      • Compound microscope
      • Telescopes
      • Projector lantern
      • The lens camera
      • The human eye
What you will learn?
  • Explain the formation of images by lenses
  • Explain the behavior of optical devices and instruments.
  • Determine the properties of optical devices and instruments
  • Geometry set
  • Note book and a pen
  • Calculator
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Mr. Opak Mark
I am a graduate teacher with a degree in Bachelor of science with education (Phy, Maths) from Makerere University. I have taught Physics and Mathematics for the last 8 years I love research and learning new things.